220 Questions to ask yourself before you Relapse

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.
Eugene Lonesco

When you are relapsing, you ask yourself so many questions, and the right question can save you from the relapse. 

Here are the 220+ questions to ask yourself before you relapse.

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Control or Compulsion?

Emotional distress or Emotional stability?

Anxiety or Peace?

Sexual dysfunction or Sexual mastery?

Fantasy or Reality?

Strength or Weakness?

Pale face or a Sparkling persona?

Cold look or piercing eyes?

Gloominess or Happiness?

Potent or Impotent?

Strength of character or Weakness of character?

Libido or loss of interest in sex?

Strong erections or erectile dysfunction?

Relapse or Reboot?

Brain fog or Clarity?

Social anxiety or Confidence?

Depression or Cheerfulness?

Flashbacks or Clarity of mind?

Bad mood or Good mood?

Addiction or Freedom?

Feeling Numb or Feeling Alive?

Physical health or Disease?

Emotional health or Emotional turmoil?

Mental peace or Mental trauma?

Powerlessness or Freedom?

Powerlessness or Power?

Despair or Optimism?

Despair or Empowerment?

Grief or Joy?

Fear or Confidence?

Feelings of Unworthiness or Feeling Worthy?

Feelings of Unworthiness or Feeling Deserving?

Guilt or Pride?

Insecurity or Feelings of Security?

Feelings of Rage or Feelings peaceful?

Hatred or Love?

Discouragement or Optimism?

Discouragement or Appreciation?

Discouragement or Enthusiasm?

To blame others or to take Responsibility?

Worry or Happiness?

Doubt or Confidence?

Doubt or Belief?

Self-doubt or Self-belief?

Disappointment or Satisfaction?

Overwhelment or Calmness?

Hopefulness or Doubt?

Contentment or Disappointment?

Contentment or Dissatisfaction?

Boredom or Excitement?

Pessimism or Optimism?

Pessimism or Passion?

Pessimism or Positive Expectation?

Frustration or Satisfaction?

Irritation or Delight?

Impatience or Contentment?

Withdrawing from social activity or being the centre of attention?

Develop a secret life of addiction or be fearless?

Lie and deceive others or be the man you are meant to be?

Becoming self-centred or becoming centred?

Choosing Porn over people or people over Porn?

Mood swings or being emotionally stable?

Treating people as sex objects or treating them with respect?

Cheat with your partner or give her all the love she deserves?

Pleasure in pixels or pleasure in-person?

Erectile dysfunction or ready for IT anytime?

Delayed Ejaculation or Control over Ejaculation?

Fatigue or Power?

Rising above it or getting crushed under it?

Absent-mindedness or cherishing every moment?

Abundance of energy and motivation or lack of it?

Accept defeat or refuse to lose?

Accidental gaze or an intentional look?

To be active or to become lazy?

Adding better memories or removing good ones?

Admit it and move on or deny it and lose again?

Responsible adult or still acting childish?

To be afraid of your addiction or to brave it?

Regret later or choose the right thing before you act?

Are you against it or for it?

Are you like everyone else or are you different?

Feel alive or feel dead inside?

All good things in life or none?

Allow it to win again or forbid it forever?

Quit it already or not yet?

Lose again like always or decide not to, this time and never?

Ancient reptile or a modern man?

Addicted ancestor or a better descendant?

Agree to lose all or refuse to bow down again?

Get amused by it and get bored with everything else?

An angel or a devil?

Become broad-minded or narrow-minded?

Become a better husband or get worse?

To win over it or lose to it?

To be a winner or to lose again?

To work on your goals or to rest in your comfort zone?

Women magnet or the worst of men?

Make your mood worse or make it better?

Choosing the worst or choosing the best?

Choosing wrong or choosing right?

Yes to a crappy life or no to this addiction?

Acting like yesterday or choosing a better tomorrow?

Feel young in spirit or feel older than you are?

Lustful animal or a loving human being?

Annoy your loved one or satisfy her to the soul?

Answer your addiction or ask “Why should I?

Answer your addiction or question “Why should I?”

Get apart from your addiction or live together, forever?

Argue about your addiction or agree and take help?

Get arrested by your addiction or fight it and get free?

Arrive at a concluding decision or depart from your senses?

To want artificial stimulation and pleasure or go for the natural?

Ascent in life by quitting or descend the depths of depression?

Ask “Why should I?” or answer “I will” to your addiction?

Asleep in your comfort zone or awake in your leading edge?

Attack your addiction or defend it?

Awful everything or nicer and never everything?

Leaving your addiction back or keeping it in front of you all the time?

Go backwards or quit it and move forward?

Accept the bad or fight for good?

To create your own bad luck or to fight for your fortune?

To find beauty in everything or to find ugliness in everything?

To take control before your addiction does or to regret afterwards?

To begin a new life or to end all chances of it?

Are you bigger or are you smaller than your addiction?

Birth of a new life or death of all chances of it?

Bitter consequences or sweeter results?

Pamper the body or nourish the soul?

Boring life or exciting new frontiers?

To be in the bottom of depression or to be on top of the mountains of Joy?

To brave your addiction or to submit to it cowardly?

To break your chances in life or to fix your addiction?

To build a new life or to destroy all of your chances?

To be busy in creating a new life or be lazy in the comforts of your addiction?

To buy happiness from life or to sell everything to your addiction?

To be calm and excited or to be depressed and pessimistic?

To be careful of the consequences or to be careless about everything?

To catch this moment and build a new life or to miss it again as always?

To get clean of your past or get more dirty?

To have a clear mind or a cloudy mind?

To get more clever or to submit and get more stupid?

Cold hands because of social anxiety or a hot personality?

To submit to your addiction and make everything complicated or to quit it and make your life simple?

To continue your life as an addict or to interrupt the cycle and get a new life?

To correct yourself or to wrong yourself?

To have courage by quitting your addiction or to fear everything?

To cry after the relapse or to laugh about your addiction by quitting it?

To damage your life by submitting to your addiction or to repair it by quitting it?

To accept defeat or to fight for the victory?

To defend for what’s important in life or to attack it?

To be desperate or to be hopeful?

To die by submitting to your addiction or to live by conquering your addiction?

Are you different or alike to other addicts?

To make everything dull by submitting to your addiction or to quit and make everything interesting again?

To quit early or to wait until it’s late?

To quit it when it is easy or to wait till it becomes more difficult?

To feel empty or to feel full of energy and motivation?

To end all hopes or to begin a new chapter in life?

To make your addiction your enemy or to make it your best friend?

To enjoy now and hate later or vice versa?

To enter into the addiction’s trap again or to leave it now for the better?

To act like everybody else to become a nobody or to develop yourself?

To lose everything for nothing or to quit now and gain everything?

To fail at life to succeed in pursuit of artificial pleasure or to do otherwise?

To be a failure or to create your success?

To find your purpose in life or to lose your life in pursuit of artificial pleasure?

To fix your life now or to let it break apart?

To follow your addiction and lose at life or to lead your life at your own terms?

To forget the past and indulge in it again or to remember your past and make informed decisions?

To form a new life or to destroy whatever is remaining of it?

To create your own fortune or to submit to your addiction and create your own bad luck?

To quit it and step forward in life or to submit to it and go backward?

To free yourself or to get arrested by your addiction again?

To create a new future or to act like you did in the past?

To be a gentle lover or to be a violent and addicted maniac?

To awaken the giant within or to live your life like a tiny creature?

To be a good husband or to be a bad husband?

To be a good father or to be a bad one?

To feel the happiness or to feel sadness?

To be the handsome you, you are, or to feel ugly?

Heaven or hell?

To feel heavy or to feel light?

To be hopeful or to feel desperate?

To feel hopeless or to feel hopeful?

To lack self confidence or to feel abundance of it?

To live large or to live small?

To lose at life or to win it?

Are you a loser or a winner?

To love yourself or to hate yourself?

To be a master of your life or to become a servant of your addiction?

To mend what is broken or to break it again?

To mess everything or to get it in order?

Mountains of Joy or valleys of depression?

To want much in life or to be satisfied with little?

To go for the natural or to go behind the artificial?

To never do it again or fail like always?

Saying “no” to it or saying “yes” to it?

Noisy mind or a quiet mind?

To act normal or to act strange?

To feel “Off” about life, or to feel turned “On” for life?

Are you still the older you, or a newer you?

To feel powerful or to feel weak?

To feel the regret or to feel the satisfaction?

To feel worse or to feel your best?

To be in war with yourself constantly or to find peace?

To waste your energy on something useless or to save it for better things?

Deeper voice or to sound like a child?

Better body or to get out of shape?

Be more manly or to act like a child?

Self control or self indulgence?

Sage or a sinner?

True man or a wimp?

Love or Lust?

Insomnia or better sleep?

Clarity of mind or mental clutter?

More stamina or more lethargy?

More vitality or more weakness?

To get respected or to be despised?

Delayed Ejaculation or Ejaculation control?

To be not able to orgasm at all or to become multi-orgasmic?

To get desensitized or to be more sensitive?

To be charismatic or to be socially anxious?

Low Self Esteem or more self-love?

To be motivated or to lack any motivation?

Restlessness or peace?

To be an alpha male or to be a beta male?

To be a real man or be childish?

To be more social or to be socially anxious?


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