96 Reasons not to Sin

The Muslim in this world is vulnerable to falling into sin and disobedience. What is required of him – if he does fall into sin – is to hasten to repent and seek forgiveness. Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Say, ‘O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful’”

[az-Zumar 39:53]

But it is always better to “not” fall into the sin and here are 96 reasons not to sin. All taken from the book “Spiritual disease and its cure” by Ibn al Qayyim.

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Sins cause overpowering of men on the sinner.

Sins corrupts one’s intellect.

Sins draw one’s heart away from righteousness.

Sins may lead a person to become forgotten by Allah.

Sins are tools of destruction from Satan which are used against a sinner.

Sins prevent one from stepping forward towards one’s Lord, in a state of purity. 

Sins cause hatred in people’s hearts. 

Sins prevent a sinner from perceiving his/her own benefits. 

Sins deprive the sinner of the benefit of the Prophet’s (peace and blessings be upon him) supplication. 

Sins could either kill the heart, or inflict it with a serious ailment, weakening its power, until its weakness ends in one of the eight ailments, from which the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) sought refuge in Allah, which are: Worry, grief, inability, laziness, cowardice, miserliness, the heavy burden of debts, and the overpowering of men. 

Sins destroyed all the nations after Noah with different forms of punishments. 

Sins erase all benedictions. 

Sins lead to darkness in one’s heart. 

Sins ousted our parents, Adam and Eve (peace be upon them) from Paradise, the place of pleasure, blessings and delight, to the dwelling of pain, torment and misfortune. 

Sins stand as obstacles in the way of one’s heart, in obeying the Lord. 

Sins lead to severing the tie with Allah. 

Sins take the heart from its natural state of piety to a state of corruption and deviation. 

Sins cause the shortening of one’s lifespan. 

Sins cause disgrace. 

Sins weaken the will power. 

Sins have the effect of reducing one’s intellect. 

A Servant of Allah is denied blessings because of a sin he has committed. 

Sins cause miserliness. 

As much as you underestimate a sin, it becomes great in Allah’s Sight, and as much as you consider it great, it becomes small in Allah’s Sight. 

Sins deprive you of knowledge. 

As knowledge is a light that Allah places inside the heart of His Servant, however ( committing) a sin extinguishes such a light. 

Sins extinguish the light of ghaira (the sense of honour) in the heart. 

Sins weaken the course of the heart towards Allah and the Last Day. 

Sins implant a sense of isolation in the heart. 

Sins cause laziness. 

Sins cause restless of the heart. 

Sins cause cowardliness. 

Sins were the reason for the wind to be set on the people of ‘Ad and destroyed them, their dwellings and property, until they became an example for other nations until the Day of Resurrection. 

Sins deprive you of your provision. 

Sins made Pharaoh and his people drown in the sea, and took their spirits to Hell. 

The accumulation of sins leads to the sealing of the heart. 

Sins weaken the determination of the heart. 

Sins cause hardships. 

Sins cause the heavy burden of debts. 

Sins harm the doer. 

Sins make the sinner neglect himself. 

Sins erase many blessings in life, the blessing of livelihood: the blessing of knowledge, the blessing of work, and the blessing of obedience to Allah. 

In total, sins eradicate all blessings of one’s religion and one’s world. 

Sins keep the sinner away from the angel appointed to him. 

Sins instil terror in the hearts of sinners. 

Sins leave disturbing and damaging effects on the body and soul, which have consequences both in this world and the Hereafter, which Allah Alone, knows. 

The harm of sins to the heart is like the effect of poison on the body. 

Sins incite Allah’s Anger. 

Sins sent upon the people of Shu’aib punishing clouds like shades, which, once above their heads, rained down a blazing fire upon them. 

Sins cause a feeling of seclusion towards Allah and other people. 

Sins eliminate Haya’ (Modesty). 

Sins cast a sinner down to a very low state. 

Sins take away from the sinner all sense of modesty which is the living substance of the heart. 

Sins become a custom. 

Sins cause grief. 

Sins support the devils against the sinner. 

Sins made all the people of the Noah to drown until water reached the top of mountains. 

A sinner is subject to all kinds of evil from devils because of his/her sinful life. 

Sins cause weakness in the body. 

Sins weaken the heart’s sense of tranquillity. 

Sins deprive a person of the protection of Allah. 

Sins remove present blessings and block incoming blessings. 

Sins cause inability. 

Sins make things difficult. 

Sins case a sense of isolation, which a sinner feels in his/her heart, towards Allah. 

Sins prevent you from doing other obedient acts. 

Sins blind the heart. 

Do not look at the smallness or insignificance of a sin, but look at the One you have disobeyed. 

Sins blind the heart ‘s insight, blot out its light, and block all means towards its right guidance. 

Sins hold back the Blessings of Allah. 

Sins cause depression. 

Sins weaken the heart. 

Sins cause a sense of alienation one may feel between oneself and others. 

Sins destroyed Qarun (Korab), his property and family. 

Sins darken the heart. 

Sins disgrace the self. 

Sin was the cause for the Satan to be kicked out of heaven, and have his external and internal forms distorted. 

Sins cause shortage of blessings. 

The sin is the cause for disgrace from Allah. 

Sins result in losing one’s status before Allah and before His Creation. 

Sins cause anxiety. 

Sins cause Worry. 

Sins cause dullness in the face of a sinner. 

Sins either blind the heart or weaken its insight, and therefore, the heart misses all the available paths for its right guidance. 

Sins bring down dishonour and humiliation on sinners. 

Sins cause loneliness. 

Sins are the ailments of the heart, and there is no cure for the heart, except giving up those sins. 

Sins produce other sins. 

A sinner comes under the Curse of the Messenger of Allah because of his own sins. 

Because the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) cursed the doer of many of the sins.

Sins affect one’s heart so it fails to glorify the Lord. 

Sins take a person out from the scope of lhsan. (lhsan is perfection in performing one’s obligations) 

Sins allow a sinner to become a prisoner of the devil. 

Sins instil fear in the hearts of sinners. 

Sins cause sadness. 

Sins deny sinners all words or titles of praise and honour. 

Sins cause nervousness. 

All evil and harm that one faces, in this world and the Hereafter, are caused by one’s Sins and misdeeds.

Sins lead to polytheism.


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