Fooling the Brain for the Novice NoFappers

Have you ever noticed how stubborn your brain is?

You want to remember something, it is on the tip of your tongue, you know that you know it, but you can’t remember it. The harder you try, the harder it gets to remember it.

Or, you want to sleep, you try hard but to no avail. The more you try, the harder it becomes to sleep.

Or, you are in school or church, and someone says something funny and the more you try not to laugh the more you laugh.

Or, your limbs are shaking due to nervousness, and the more you try to control them the more they get out of control.

Or, you are on a bicycle, and there is small stone or a small pit on the ground, you try not to go over it, but you can’t control.

Don’t you think that the brain does these things because either it is very stubborn, or very childish?

Whatever the reason is, what we are after is “How to use this quality of the brain to cure our porn cravings or quit our porn addiction“.

Have you ever noticed how, once you decide to buy and before you buy a car, a phone or even a pair of sneakers, you see only those cars, phones and sneakers around? In every color and model?

It is your brain reminding you of that which is important to you. (If you quit porn and decide not to see it, guess what, you will see it even in the places where you never saw it)

So, today experiment with this quality of the brain. Don’t see the color red. Avoid looking at color red as much as possible. Don’t see anything which is red.

Do you know what will happen?

You will start seeing red everywhere. You will notice the red button an electric metre, the red cross mark on a “danger sign”, the red water bottle your colleague uses. That is, you will see red everywhere.

In a similar way, when you quit porn, when you don’t want to watch porn and masturbate, it will always be on your mind to not watch porn and masturbate, and you will see every opportunity where you would have seen porn but not seeing now. Every place where you would have masturbated but not masturbating now. Every word which you would have searched on a porn site but not searching now. Your life will just revolve around this one thing – Not watching porn and masturbating.

Just read some posts on NoFap, you will see that everything in their life just revolves around porn.

“Guys day 1 is done”, “Bros, today I did not feel any cravings”, “Dudes, I noticed me noticing about my triggers” the list goes on and on and on.

The best thing to do would be to start noticing white instead of ignoring red. This way, you will be concentrating on white while your mind completely ignores red because your brain can process only one thing at a time. (If you think you can think about multiple things at a time, you are just switching between those things at a very fast rate)

So, instead of thinking about not watching porn and masturbating all the time, just think about the things which you like, things which are helpful for a complete life. Completely ignore your porn addiction by getting busy in noticing the good things in your life and the good things to come and do things which feel good.

And don’t forget that,


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