Is masturbation BAD?

There are so many people who speak about butterfly stroke but have never gone for swimming.

They speak about masturbation, but would never have masturbated as much as people who finally come to a point when they ask themselves “Is it good or Bad?

If you are masturbating and want to know if masturbation is good or bad, the best way is to quit doing it for a month and see what changes occur.

Completely stop it, and see how your life changes for better. If nothing changes, then, your frequency of masturbation is not much that it can have physical or emotional effect. (But there will definitely be an effect spiritually)

Consider this..

Fish don’t know they’re in water.

If you tried to explain it, they’d say, “Water? What’s water?”

They’re so surrounded by it, that it’s impossible to see.

They can’t see it until they get outside of it.


Masturbators don’t know that it is harmful

If you tried explaining them, they’d say, “Harm? What harm is in it?”

They have done it so many times, so habitually that, it’s impossible to see.

They can’t see that harm until they stop doing it.

One thing you can be sure of ALWAYS, that it is bad for you. If there are no scientific proof for it now, there will be. Just WAIT.

Or you might think that being safe is better than sorry. In that case try avoiding masturbation for sometime and then see what happens.


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