Semen Retention Benefits – A Poetic Paragraph for the Retainers.

Recently I wrote an article on Semen Retention – NoFappers! Wonder why quitting porn can help you to succeed in life? and shared it on r/semenretention and r/MuslimNoFap and r/PornFree. The people on  r/semenretention and r/MuslimNoFap could comprehend it and gave a very very positive review about it. But not the teenagers on r/pornfree, they just held to their belief that masturbation was somehow good. I leave it to them to decide in the coming days. 

The reason I am writing this article is for the love I got from the people on r/semenretention.

I can promise you, guarantee you, that the thousands of people who are quitting porn and rattling about the benefits are due solely to semen retention. Let them not watch porn and masturbate regularly and they will find out that quitting porn was not that great of an idea. 

So, this article is about the benefits of Semen Retention as given by Jay Onwukwe in his book Sexual Energy Transmutation: The Secret Path to Health, Wealth and Genius

I just love the poetic description he gave about the semen retention benefits. 

He say that, when you retain your semen, you will develop that “SOMETHING” which is :-

The fire in the General’s eye;
The melody in the Singer’s voice;
The flow in the Author’s pen;
The warmth in the Teacher’s voice;
The sprint in the Athlete’s feet;
The firmness in a Hand-shake;
The healing in the Pastor’s hands;
The radiance on the Master’s face;
The eloquence of the Orator;
The charisma of the Statesman;
The genius of the Professor;
The charm of a Lover;
The acumen of the Businessman;
The doggedness of the Champion;
The creativity of the Artist;
The equanimity of the Adept; And so on.

I have created wallpapers with these lines, which you can share and use and keep as motivation.


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