Sexual Energy Transmutation – A Compilation

The individuals of greatest achievement tend to be those who have highly developed sexual natures and who have learned the art of sex transmutation.
Napoleon Hill

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The meaning of the word transmute is, in simple language, the changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy, into another.

When you are sexually excited, you are in a mental state, which you can control, you just have to know how to do it.
Sex transmutation is simple and can be easily explained.

  • It means the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature.
  • It is the ability to switch a desire for physical contact (or desire to watch porn, masturbate and orgasm) to a similar desire for expression in some other field.
  • It is the ability to switch a desire for physical contact (or desire to watch porn, masturbate and orgasm) to a similar desire for expression-in art, literature, science, selling or anything else. The switch may be done so habitually that it is not a conscious act-but it always is there.

There are multiple books on this topic. Great wise men have mentioned about it from ages. Following is a list of books which I found to be most helpful in this regard.

Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

In this book, Hill talks to devil regarding the effect of overindulgence in sex (which also applies to over indulgence any sexual activity like watching porn and masturbating). The conversation goes like this.

  • Hill – Which do you consider to be your greater tool for gaining control of human minds-cigarettes or liquor?
    Devil – Without hesitation I would say cigarettes. Once I get a young person to join my two-package-a-day club, I have no trouble in inducing that person to take on the habit of liquor, over-indulgence of sex, and all other related habits which destroy independence of thought and action.
  • Hill – What if the victim is not a glutton? What other follies can you induce him to pick up that lead to drifting?
    Devil – If the victim is a male I can usually snare him through his sex appetite. Over-indulgence in sex starts more men to drifting toward failure than all other causes combined.
  • Hill – So food and sex are two of your sure-fire baits! Is that correct?
    Devil – Yes. With these two lures I can take over a majority of my victims, and then there is the desire for money.
  • Teach children the true nature and function of the emotion of sex, and above all, teach them that it can be transmuted into a driving force capable of lifting one to great heights of achievement.
  • Overindulgence in sex destroy the power of will and lead to the habit of drifting.
  • It is a sin to over-indulge in sex because that breaks down one’s will power and leads to the habit of drifting.
  • Hill – Where should one begin when making a start at control over self?
    Devil – By mastering the three appetites responsible for most of one’s lack of self-discipline. The three appetites are
    (1) the desire for food,
    (2) the desire for expression of sex,
    (3) the desire to express loosely organised opinions.
  • Hill – I never thought of auto-intoxication as being one of your devices of control over people, and I am utterly shocked to know how many people are victims of this subtle enemy. Let’s hear what you have to say of the other two appetites.
    Devil – Well, take the desire for sex expression. Now there is a force with which I master the weak and the strong, the old and the young, the ignorant and the wise. In fact, I master all who
    neglect to master sex!
  • Hill – How can one master the emotion of sex?
    Devil – By the simple process of transmuting that emotion into some form of activity other than copulation. Sex is one of the greatest of all forces which motivate human beings. Because of this fact it is also one of the most dangerous forces. If humans would control their sex desires and transmute them into a driving force with which to carry on their occupation-that is, if they spent on their work one half the time they dissipate in pursuit of sex, they would never know poverty .
  • Hill – Do I understand you to imply there is a relationship between sex and poverty?
    Devil – Yes, where sex is not under definite control. If allowed to run its natural course, sex will quickly lead one into the habit of drifting.
  • Hill – Is there any relationship between sex and leadership?
    Devil – Yes, all great leaders in every walk of life are highly sexed, but they follow the habit of controlling their sex desires, switching them into a driving force behind their occupation.
  • Hill – Is the habit of over-indulgence in sex as dangerous as the habit of taking narcotics or liquor?
    Devil – There is no difference between these habits. Both lead to hypnotic control, through the habit of drifting!
  • Hill – Why does the world look upon sex as something vulgar?
    Devil – Because of the vulgar abuse people have made of this emotion. It is not sex that is vulgar. It is the individual who neglects or refuses to control and guide it.
  • Hill – Do you mean, by your statement, that one should not indulge the desire for sex?
    Devil – No, I mean that sex, like all other forces available to man, should be understood, mastered, and made to serve man. The desire for sex expression is as natural as the desire for food. The desire can no more be killed than one can entirely stop a river from flowing. If the emotion of sex is shut off from the natural mode of expression, it will break out in some other less desirable form, just as a river will, if dammed, break through and flow around the dam. The person who has self-discipline understands the emotion of sex, respects it, and learns to control and transmute it into constructive activities.
  • Hill – Just what damage is there in over-indulgence of sex?
  • Devil – The greatest damage is that it depletes the source of man’s greatest driving force, and wastes, without adequate compensation, man’s creative energy.
  • It dissipates energy needed by nature to maintain physical health. Sex is nature’s most useful therapeutic force.
  • It depletes the magnetic energy which is the source of an attractivepleasing personality.
  • It removes the sparkle from one’s eyes and sets up discord in the tone of one’s voice.
  • It destroys enthusiasm, subdues ambition, and leads inevitably to the habit of drifting on all subjects.
  • Hill – I would like for you to answer my question in another way by telling me what beneficial ends the emotion of sex may be made to attain, if mastered and transmuted.
    Devil – Controlled sex supplies the magnetic force that attracts people to one another.
  • It is the most important factor of a pleasing personality.
  • It gives quality to the tone of voice and enables one to convey through the voice any feeling desired.
  • It serves, as nothing else can serve, to give motive-power to one’s desires.
  • It keeps the nervous system charged with the energy needed to carry on the work of maintaining the body.
  • It sharpens the imagination and enables one to create useful ideas.
  • It gives quickness and definiteness to one’s physical and mental movements.
  • It gives one persistence and perseverance in the pursuit of one’s major purpose in life.
  • It is a great antidote for all fear.
  • It gives one immunity against discouragement.
  • It helps to master laziness and procrastination.
  • It gives one physical and mental endurance while undergoing any form of opposition or defeat.
  • It gives one the fighting qualities necessary under all circumstances for self-defence.
  • In brief, it makes winners and not quitters!
  • Hill – Are those all the advantages you claim for controlled sex energy?
    Devil – No, they are only some of the more important benefits it provides. Perhaps some will believe the greatest of all the virtues of sex is that it is nature’s method of perpetuation of all living things. This alone should remove all thought that sex is vulgar.
  • Hill – I gather, from what you say, that the emotion of sex is a virtue, not a fault.
    Devil – It is a virtue when controlled and directed to the attainment of desirable ends. It is a fault when neglected and permitted to lead to acts of lust.
  • Hill – What relative position of importance would you give to the need for accurate knowledge on the subject of sex?
    Devil – It is next to the top of the list. There is but one thing of greater importance to human beings. That is accurate thought.
  • Hill – Do I understand you to say that knowledge of the true functions of sex and ability to think accurately are the two things of greatest importance to mankind?
    Devil – That is what I intended you to understand. Accurate thinking comes first because it is the solution to all man’s problems, the answer to all his prayers, the source of opulence and all material possessions. Accurate thinking is aided by properly controlled and directed sex emotion because sex emotion is the same energy as that with which one thinks. It begins
    with those who desire self-determination sufficiently to be willing to pay its price. No one can be entirely free-spiritually, mentally, physically, and economically-without learning the art of accurate thinking. No one can learn to think accurately without including, as a part of the needed knowledge, information on the control of sex emotion through transmutation.
  • It will be a great surprise to many people to learn there is so close a relationship between thinking and sex emotion.


Think and Grow Rich: The Original, an Official Publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

The emotions of FAITH, LOVE, and SEX are the most powerful of all the major positive emotions. When the three are blended, they have the effect of “coloring” the vibration of thought in such a way that it instantly reaches the subconscious mind, where it is changed into its spiritual equivalent, the only form that induces a response from Infinite Intelligence. Love and faith are psychic; related to the spiritual side of man. Sex is purely biological, and related only to the physical. The mixing, or blending, of these three emotions has the effect of opening a direct line of communication between the finite, thinking mind of man, and Infinite Intelligence.

The emotions, or the “feeling” portion of thoughts, are the factors which give thoughts vitality, life, and action. The emotions of Faith, Love, and Sex, when mixed with any thought impulse, give it greater action than any of these emotions can do singly.

No person may enjoy outstanding success without good health. Many of the causes of ill health are subject to mastery and control. These, in the main are:
a. Overeating of foods not conducive to health

b. Wrong habits of thought; giving expression to negatives.
c. Wrong use of, and over indulgence in sex.
d. Lack of proper physical exercise
e. An inadequate supply of fresh air, due to improper breathing.

LACK OF CONTROLLED SEXUAL URGE. Sex energy is the most powerful of all the stimuli which move people into ACTION. Because it is the most powerful of the emotions, it must
be controlled, through transmutation, and converted into other channels.

INTEMPERANCE. The most damaging forms of intemperance are connected with eating, strong drink, and sexual activities. Overindulgence in any of these is fatal to success.

The meaning of the word “transmute” is, in simple language, “the changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy, into another.” The emotion of sex brings into being a state of mind.
Because of ignorance on the subject, this state of mind is generally associated with the physical, and because of improper influences, to which most people have been subjected, in acquiring knowledge of sex, things essentially physical have highly biased the mind.

Sex transmutation is simple and easily explained. It means the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature.

When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times. So strong and impelling is
the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it. When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches.

The transmutation of sex energy calls for the exercise of will-power.

A river may be dammed, and its water controlled for a time, but eventually, it will force an outlet. The same is true of the emotion of sex. It may be submerged and controlled for a time, but its very nature causes it to be ever seeking means of expression. If it is not transmuted into some creative effort it will find a less worthy outlet.

Scientific research has disclosed these significant facts:

  • The men of greatest achievement are men with highly developed sex natures; men who have learned the art of sex transmutation.
  • The men who have accumulated great fortunes and achieved outstanding recognition in literature, art, industry, architecture, and the professions, were motivated by the influence of a woman.
  • There never has been, and never will be a great leader, builder, or artist lacking in this driving force of sex.

The energy must be transmuted from desire for physical contact, into some other form of desire and action, before it will lift one to the status of a genius.

The urge of sex has other possibilities, which far transcend in importance, that of mere physical expression.

The desire for sexual expression is by far the strongest and most impelling of all the human emotions, and for this very reason this desire, when harnessed and transmuted into action, other than that of physical expression, may raise one to the status of a genius.

The factor of personality known as”personal magnetism” is nothing more nor less than sex energy. Highly sexed people always have a plentiful supply of magnetism.
Through cultivation and understanding, this vital force may be drawn upon and used to great advantage in the relationships between people. This energy may be communicated to others
through the following media:
1. The hand-shake.
The touch of the hand indicates, instantly, the presence of magnetism, or the lack of it.
2. The tone of voice.
Magnetism, or sex energy, is the factor with which the voice may be colored, or made musical and charming.
3. Posture and carriage of the body.
Highly sexed people move briskly, and with grace and ease.
4. The vibrations of thought.
Highly sexed people mix the emotion of sex with their thoughts, or may do so at will, and in that way, may influence those around them.
5. Body adornment.
People who are highly sexed are usually very careful about their personal appearance. They usually select clothing of a style becoming to their personality, physique, complexion, etc.
Transmuted sex energy can add warmth to your handshake, strength to your voice, attraction to your personality.

The public speaker, orator, preacher, lawyer, or salesman who is lacking in sex energy is a “flop,” as far as being able to influence others is concerned.
Master salesmen attain the status of mastery in selling, because they, either consciously, or unconsciously, transmute the energy of sex into SALES ENTHUSIASM! In this statement may be found a very practical suggestion as to the actual meaning of sex transmutation. The salesman who knows how to take his mind off the subject of sex, and direct it in sales effort with as much enthusiasm and determination as he would apply to its original purpose, has acquired the art of sex transmutation, whether he knows it or not. The majority of salesmen who transmute their sex energy do so without being in the least aware of what they are doing, or how they are doing it.

Transmutation of sex energy calls for more willpower than the average person cares to use for this purpose. Those who find it difficult to summon willpower sufficient for transmutation, may gradually acquire this ability. Though this requires will-power, the reward for the practice is more than worth the effort.

When the emotion of love begins to mix itself with the emotion of sex, the result is calmness of purpose, poise, accuracy of judgement, and balance

The road to genius consists of the development, control, and use of sex, love, and romance.

Briefly, the process may be stated as follows:

Encourage the presence of these emotions as the dominating thoughts in one’s mind, and discourage the presence of all the destructive emotions. The mind is a creature of habit. It thrives upon the dominating thoughts fed it. Through the faculty of will-power, one may discourage the presence of any emotion, and encourage the presence of any other. Control of the mind, through the power of will, is not difficult. Control comes from persistence, and habit. The secret of control lies in understanding the process of transmutation. When any negative emotion presents itself in one’s mind, it can be transmuted into a positive, or constructive emotion, by the simple procedure of changing one’s thoughts.

In essence, sex transmutation is the ability to switch a desire for physical contact to a similar desire for expression-in art, literature, science, selling or anything else. The switch may be done so habitually that it is not a conscious act-but it always is there.

In essence, sex transmutation is the ability to switch a desire for physical contact to a similar desire for expression in some other field.

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude – Napoleon Hill

You can transmute sex into virtue or vice. The little difference that makes the big difference between the power of sex being a virtue or a vice is mental attitude.

Sexual Energy Transmutation: The Secret Path to Health, Wealth and Genius

The author gives a very beautiful list of the benefits of sexual energy.

When Sexual Energy is transmuted, it becomes:

The fire in the General’s eye;
The melody in the Singer’s voice;
The flow in the Author’s pen;
The warmth in the Teacher’s voice;
The sprint in the Athlete’s feet;
The firmness in a Hand-shake;
The healing in the Pastor’s hands;
The radiance on the Master’s face;
The eloquence of the Orator;
The charisma of the Statesman;
The genius of the Professor;
The charm of a Lover;
The acumen of the Businessman;
The doggedness of the Champion;
The creativity of the Artist;
The equanimity of the Adept; And so on.

Anytime…..Strength, Genius, Libido, & Erection

This book talks in detail about sexual energy transmutation and a host of other things related to semen retention and sex.

The biggest hurdle in being successful in doing Sexual Energy Transmutation is THE ADDICTION TO PORN AND MASTURBATION.

But luckily you can use Sexual Energy Transmutation to Cure Porn and Masturbation Addiction. And we will find out how in the future posts.


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